desember 2012

A botox-free christmas letter?! ;)

The latest months Ive been very busy with what Ive usually been doing; styling..Amongst things Ive done is a beautiful campaign with Agnes Kittelsen for David Andersen, lots of music videos, Ive done tutorials for L'Oreal Paris, my column in Tara, red carpet, getting the Idol judges promo ready for ya and also now shooting a new tv show for FEM and VGTV, wich I hope youll enjoy. I feel blessed to continually getting new and good people into my life, like my cray new family in Team Laukli, my bff Omar Alexander from NY, Helene Falk in Stockholm, the best production team in Stockholm for "Stylistene" (Stellan, Sofie, Henrik, Filip, Jenny, Nina, Maja, Tobias and you know who you are ;) my people in L'Oreal Paris that truly believes in what I do, Evelina and TVNorge, Charlotte Thorstvedt, Cathrine Eriksen, Blake Schaefering and lots of others. Thank you!

Me and Ane Dahl Torp from a shoot I did for Mann


Me and Agnes Kittelsen for the David Andersen campaign


Ive been "re-arranging" my personal life a bit.. Not dramatically, but just to keep everything balanced in this cray cray world we live in. Its sometimes hard to process all the information we get ALL the time, and I dont think its very healthy to keep on pushing every single bit of your life into perfection. Ive been saying a long time now, that I think the world is about to explode of all the information we recieve everywhere from all the social media etc. If we keep on living the way we do now, there has to be a counter reaction...and I think thats what the 21/12/2012 means...this is the time for a change and to choose your path.

Backstage working with the promo of Idol 2013 for TV2


Me and the Idol judge Tone Damli Aaberge


Ive chosen mine for the last years, and I know what I want to be a part of. I want to have good, positive people around me and be connected to good things and also bring a somehow different energy into my work. That energy is connected to my lifestyle, and Im trying to keep that lifestyle as pure as possible, with eating good food, working out and what Ive always believed in; to see people for who they are with or without the right fashion (I love fashion, but hey; who the fuck cares...?) Although Ive been taking superfoods for quite a while now, Ive experienced even more the benefits of it after seriously practicing it for the last months. It truly brings a different energy into your body, and OMG I can go on forever weeerking it in my everyday life and at work. Even when Im drinking alcohol, superfoods make me recover FAST!

I keep my superfood shakes with me all the time, especially when Im shooting


Me getting tattoed "PURE" on my fingers in Paris... at Tin Tin


Before shooting the tv-show (Stylistene) thats gonna be aired sometime next year, I had a detoxing period and started working out to keep my energy levels flowing during the recording period while also eating superfoods. What difference that made! I could last forever on set, while I noticed others craving coffee ( I looove coffee too ;) chocolates and whatever fast energy they could get to continually getting new energy. Because of the way I was eating, I felt I could just continue and do more and more and more.. It was interesting. After the detoxing period, I also noticed I got stronger faster, I lost some weight (bodyfat), but I gained strength...and that was also very interesting how fast the muscles recovered because of the way I was eating.

Doing my best...


2012 has been all about centering myself..some might say growing up, but I will continue to play and see whats beyond what I dont know yet. I do think 2013 will be a very interesting year, about healthy lifestyle, good people, good times, with a botox free face, tons of smiling wrinkles, a lot of fun and for sure the most interesting yet. I have plans, and they will be revealed for you after New Years....

Me and my girl Charlotte Thorstvedt givin face at "Stylistene"

Merry christmas and a happy new year peeps...and #fuckbotox ;)


Yeah; #fuckbotox for sure!!! Keep it real and charming for the new year ;)