oktober 2012

Im de-toxic

..I'm slippin' under with a taste of a poison paradise.. ;)

I'm getting so many reactions of me living in a healthy manner, and want to add "superfood" to my diet. Reactions differ between supportive people who are doing the same, or wants to start, and people who think this is bullshit, and who haven't even tried it. Well, I can just speak for myself and my experience of it.

Right now I'm on a 4 week "detox"... For me it isn't such a biggy, cause I rarely eat sugar, wheat or red meat, so that's not so tough. I was mostly afraid of how I was going to cope with not having so much coffee, and I must say it's weird, but I don't crave for coffee these days.. It might be because I'm laying on a beach in Turkey right now also, and everything is so nice and fresh, but It just feels wrong to add poison to my body. I'm not hysterical, so I'm drinking some coffee, and wine...and if there is something else I really want, I'll have it, but not so much of it.

Ten days into my detox, I feel that I have so much energy. I gave myself a holiday to prepare for a new tv-show I'm recording. It's always nice to feel energized and ready when you start a new project, so I wanted to relax and get ready for it. For those who know me, know that I want to do my very best when I'm hired for a job, so my "Superfood" diet is a big part of my everyday life to be sharp and energized. So a balanced holiday for me consist of good friends, relaxing on a beach, good food, lots of working out, and lots of sleep... no alcohol, no sugar and a diet filled with fish, white meat and lots of veggies. Of course I'm adding extra greens to my diet, and I really feel that it's working. I can't sit still..and that's actually a lovely feeling!

Whats incredible too, is that in such short time I can even push my self so much more in the gym. I would never have thought that it had such a dramatic effect in me getting stronger...in such a short period of time. Ive been adding extra weights to my program every day, so it seems like my body recovers faster with this diet. That is an amazing experience, and one I haven't had before.

I'll let you know more about my detox in the next days, and my rutines, but now I have to run to the local gym before dining with my friends.


So long from Turkey!!