september 2012

Catching breath

This summer I took my time off completely, and that was sooo amazing.. Back to the beach, just chillin.. Thats the only thing I need and crave for; simple life.

But back working in August, it just said BAM!!!! Ive been working my ass off, and Im so thankful for it. Today is my first day off since the beginning of August, so besides cleaning my house, I was thinking it would be a nice thing to say hello to the world again: HELLO :D

You know my work differs between very high end, and very commercial, and thats what I love! Lately Ive been doing so many different things...Heres a few behind the camera (I cant show everything thats been going on, because of stuff that hasnt been published yet):

L'Oreal Paris Powderroom.. Check it out at Instagram too: "Lorealpowderroom"


Makeup and styling for Aylar


Makeup for Susann Goksr


Giving compliments on the red carpet for Match


Makeup for Kari Jaquesson


My column is still going strong


Makeup and hair for showgirl Hilde Lyrn



Makeup and hair for Vibeke Klemetsen


Advertising for the university of Oslo


Ambassador for GHD styling irons, blowdryers, brushes and combs.. AMAZING


Always having the best time with my girl Grethe Johnsen from NRK. Here at "Komiprisen"


Styling, hair and makeup on Guro Nagelhus Schia before the red carpet and the premiere of Anna Karenina in London


Styled a bunch of fierce lady dancers for the 20th years anniversary of TV2


Styled my man Truls Svendsen for his performance Bad Romance


Im in a fashion experts panel for Aftenposten every week


This last days, Ive been in Stockholm filming makeup tutorials for LOreal Paris together with the other Nordic makeup artists. Its an honour to be a part of such professionals. Thank you for an amazing day!!!!!


I cant publish all my work, but Ive been running aroung like a crazy person, and today Im styling Mariann for Stjernekamp p NRK, so I have to run for a fitting later...But first Im gonna relax, clean my apt and drink coffee of my new mugs I bought at DIS in Stockholm. I fell in love with them, and the coffee tasted suddenly allot better..

Have a great weekend guys.. ill give more updates throughout the week!