juni 2012

Crossing Vogue off the list...and back on again!!

Before I came back to Norway, I had the honour of styling for photographer Dusan Reljin and his lovely wife Hilde Pettersen Reljin on a shoot for Visionaire 60 Religion, curated by Riccardo Tisci. What I didnt know was that this was for Vogue Homme as well... O h d e a r l o r d!!!! Did I just do VOGUE HOMME???!!!!! I guess I did... Thats like styling Jesus before he went back up there... for the new Bible Gold Edition. I just got religious again!

Marina Abramovic and Riccardo Tisci


Im sooo grateful! THANK YOU, Hilde and Dusan for giving me this opportunity and for making me understand my talent and that I need a greencard ASAP, LOL!! Mucho love!








Some weeks ago I did a performance for Anti Denim. I presented their collection in a way I found more interesting and challenging then just an ordinary runway show. All these co labs that is coming my way these days, I find really interesting. It seems like some of the brands really acknowledge my way of thinking and understands the value of collaborating with people that has the ability to think outside the box. It seems like they also understands the signs of the times, and are willing to push forward to achieve better numbers....for those who understand that creativity and economy go hand in hand...

Together with me on stage, I had the totes phenomenal dancer Marianne Haugli, and two musicians from Wardruna, that gave me amazing sounds to work with. Im looking forward to more co labs and to evolve even more as an artist. Lets make magic!!




Getting ready backstage


Me and the amaazing dancer, Marianne Haugli. Thank you so much for being a part of this!!




Us after the performance


My hand after the performance and with a glass of Wongraven champagne

Lee rocked the Thief

So, I got this jacket from Lee Denim.. their classic LEE Rider Jacket.. They wanted it to be Stormed, so I stormed it, and it ended up in an exhibition with some other great designer/stylist friends of mine. Lee rocked the Thief, which is the new ferocious hotel concept to Petter Stordalen, and damn what a fun night.. I loooove co labs between art, design and the total opposite, cause some very interesting interactions happens.

An amazing photographer, Marcel Lelienhof, who I had the honour of working with during Top Model, also had an exhibition going on with great pics of Norwegian celebs from one of the hotels rooms..

Just getting started





Details, and YES, i had to put some Schwarowski crystals there too ;)


Getting ready for a close up


Me and the jacket (pic from OFW)


John Andre Hany with his burned down project


The phenomenal Fam Irvoll turned it out


Charming Stian Tjernsmo dip dyed the hell out of it ;)


Carpe Diem video.. fun to be dead :D

And then another type of video...also with great people, shot by Anders Flatland and directed by Kavar Singh...


There was ALLOT of people on set, so to be on top of everything clothing wise was a challenge, but we made it true... The setting was a funeral, and when I do funeral, it must be fun to be dead...even though there was TONS of water pouring down...a stylists worst nightmare! I had some great looks underneath all those umbrellas.. Heres a few:

Triumph underwear, Malene Birger jewelery, Storm customized hat

Adidas Original jacket, Malene Birger chains, Marlies Dekker bra

Hat from Mona Strand, Prada glasses, Zetterberg dress

Me with the bitches in my styling garage

Ha ha ha, I was laughing so hard when I saw these two kids killing their outfits...Im glad those suits wasnt mine...




After a long day, its great with good assistants!!!! Give it to me now Mats Brattlie and Lila @ Lilasstyle.no


Cosmic Delay...not delayed, just right on time!

Ive been doing different styles of music videos lately.. One of them was for the sweetest people in the biz; Cosmic Delay.. Directed by the biggest mother fucker from the north, Pl Laukli! LOL!!!! They are really the sweetest people and such a pleasure to work with... Although Im all about the divas, there was no diva attitude on set, just humble, talented people, that really believes in what they do, and truly enjoys it. And with that said, I must say that Team Laukli also is the best team!!! Its always such a great energy, and FUN to go to work!! Thank you all guys!

Juicebox is Cosmic Delays first single. The single will be available on 12-inch vinyl at John Dee June 9th, where theyre giving their release concert. EXCITING!!! Ticket you can buy HERE!

Heres the vid:


And some pics from behind the scenes:

Costume in the making







White girl in the ring, sha la la la la


More makeup


Weeerking it


My favourite look, with a jacket from Tarek Hamidi




Blue Nun Campaign...behind the scenes

One thing I did a while ago was to shoot the new packaging for the German white wine, Blue Nun.. Or, I didnt shoot it..the talented photographer Fred Jonny shot it...I did the makeup, hair and the styling, and also made some of the outfits for the shoot. Was a fun thing to do, and this nun aint like no other...



Cray times

Wow! This last month has been cray cray. Soo much energy, soo much going on.. I havent had the time to update this blog, and in all of this, I got a new Mac...so syncronising my life into everything computerish takes time.

I guess I have to take one thing at a time... My life is still evolving, and thats super exciting.. It never stops...and as an artist and a creative human being, that would have been the worst.

Suddenly Remix Magazine called me some weeks ago, and wanted to feature me in a New York special, as one of the best stylists of New York...I was superflattered, and wanted to give them a portait of me, NY style.. So my friend, the amazing photographer Baard Lunde shot this really great pic of me for the mag.

The skin look so glowy, and no wonder, when you have L'Oreal Paris' Glam Bronze available... It just makes your skin pop ready for summer..


Ill keep you posted about all my projects veeeery soon ;)


Stay tuned!