mai 2013

My summer favorites

Me and Celine (from Stylemag and Hippiehippiemilkshake) has been fashion experts on TV2's "Ettermiddagen" the past season, and yesterday we both were guests on the show. We were to present our summer favorites so I brought some of the things that's gonna make you pop this summer. I didn't care about bringing clothes, cause we take them off anyway, and since I believe to keep things simple in the heat, its all about your gadgets thats gonna lift you up to a higher level of cool ;)


Me and Celine in front of our desk of goodies.


I needed to buy a pair ofToms sunglasses. Its truly my favorite glasses this season.


My new Toms. And the good thing is when you buy a pair, you also help someone with and eye problem.


My new sneakers from Blackstone in washed nubuck with perforation. So rad, and you upgrade so easily from beach bum to preppy in no time.. Just take a shower first.


I love being outside, in a park or on a beach, but I cant stand mosquitos. This light from Penfield will for sure keep those blood suckers from a distance.


This blanket from Pendleton is SICK! The towel behind is also from Pendleton, and theyve delivered high quality goods for more than 140 years. Perfect for hanging out in a park or on a beach. This is a way of updating your look without really have any clothes on..


A nice watch will always make you look dapper. This one is from Daniel Wellington.


My BioLite (to the right) is my pride and joy this summer. Perfect for camping and perfect for a barbeque in a park or on a beach. It generates electricity, so you can easily charge your cell through a USB. Genius!!!!


I wont go anywhere without music. This sexy little fella from the Philips Fidelio series became my favorite right away after trying it out. GREAT sound and just love the design with wood on the sides and the leather folder. Also super easy with the bluetooth system so you can play without wires from your phone.


The bag in the back, is nothing but THE BAG!!! It's pure love...Can't find any other words to describe this phenomenon from Tanner Goods.

My favorite playground in Oslo

Lately Ive been working out together with my PT, Blake Schaefering, on Magnat Center at Skyen, and man, you just want to move in... Im changing my address as Im writing this :DSo excited over this phenomenal training center, which is designed for athletes but open for anyone who wants to perform better and get in the shape of your life. Now you can train like an athlete whoever you are.

I love their machines from Keiser, the running track and basically how every little detail is designed for functional training. The whole center feels clean and modern and is by far the best performance center in Norway!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get your ass over there and "Train like an athlete"!!!



All pics are taken with my new camera from Canon, the Powershot G15, and I must say thats a whole different experience than the iPhone game... OMG the more I get into using my new camera, its hard to go back o anything else....just to be able to shoot things in high speed, and it reads clear as f... makes it so much fun to work with! LOVE IT!

Introducing my trainer, model, creative source and one of Norways most stylish dudes

Yo! I just wanna introduce you guys to my fly trainer, just remember this name; Blake Schaefering!! He is a phenomenon, and keeps on making me stronger and stronger. I had a few in the past, but I can for sure say that this is the best one...and the coolest one :D Had some troubles with my shoulders when I met him, but he managed to keep on training me AND my shoulders without even touching the painful areas. I cant really explain, but he is so specific and detail oriented that just by changing cm in the way I was training, shoulders are back in shape. Theres very few trainers that has that eye and the actual knowledge. So I want to share him with you guys...

He was an ice hockey instructor for players from beginners to semi-pro's for the better half of a decade in the late 90's/early 2000's. Yes, that meant he was coaching at an early age, and during that period he learned a lot about teaching and coaching individuals and large groups as well as the many technical aspects of hockey. It's actually a very delicate game when broken down into the details and when dealing with 16 year old's looking to be drafted into Canada's highest amateur ranks or semi-pro's looking for another shot, it is the slightest detailed improvements that make big differences when a game moves at that speed. This honed his eye for how small movements can not only be very beneficial but also detrimental. (Think a 5-10 decline or increase in hip angle can effect 20-30% power efficiency) He did this through a company owned and operated by his own mother, who routinely works with players across all professional and amateur levels of hockey.

Blake made the decision in 2003 to travel based on interest in him from the modeling industry and started with Australia, quickly followed by the fashion triumvirate of Milan, Paris and New York. Over the past 10 years hes been fortunate enough to work with icons of the industry such as Tom Ford, Tim Walker, Dior, LVMH and many many others. Working with such creative talent helped awaken his own creative energy, opening up opportunities as a photographer and director. Throughout, those travels, he would go back and forth with diligent training, but always keep the interest up by constantly reading and studying the newest trends and breakthroughs. The exposure to both the fashion/entertainment world and the world of athletics has allowed Blake the unique opportunity to be equally qualified to have first hand knowledge of the needs of a model or actor as well as the demands of an elite athlete. In 2010, he moved to Norway (thank God) to buy a place and establish a base with his family, starting at Fresh Fitness as a personal trainer at their flagship center at Carl Berner. Over two years, hes been featured as a training expert in Norwegian magazines Woman and ShapeUp, developed a loyal and motivated clientele, created and licensed a high intensity group training program exclusively for Fresh Fitness called FreshFit, and acquired certifications by ACE (PT, American Council of Exercise), Action (PT), and NSCA (CSCS, certified strength and conditioning specialist; National Strength and Conditioning Association).
If he evere dares to leave this country, Im leaving too!!! :D
HERE is his web page

17th of May inspo

National day is coming up and many of us are getting more and more confused what to wear. I put together a little selection of street style pics (not mine) that says it all; relaxed and sharp at the same time. Keywords are pocket squares, loafers, mixed prints, the grey suit, the wrinkled (yes wrinkled is actually pretty cool) linen suit, the basic blue blazer, double breasted jackets, tie clips, watches, the 3 pieces suit, colored pants... its all in the details, so have fun!