april 2013

17th of May...dress up inspo

When I lived in New York, a blogger stopped me to take my pic a couple of times. It was Dapper Lou, and Ive been following him since. He has an amazing style and is now collaborating with Gucci to mark the 60th anniversary of the iconic "Horsebit" loafer. True style got recognized and he is also a big inspiration for what to wear for our independence day coming up in some weeks. A good fitted suit and shirt is pretty obvious, but still a necessity, and the rest is all in the detailing. Keywords are loafers, vests, mix of patterns and textures, watches, the panama, ties, suspenders, good quality shoes, that little fold on your pants, pockets squares, belts, tie-bars, tie, clips, tie-lacks and tie chains. A well dressed dude, gentleman style, is pretty hot. Key is to keep it relaxed..

Get "dappered" for the 17th..and notice the little detail he has on his cuff; his name embroidered. Thats hot!




Mens gym dopp kit

Isnt it typical, when you leave the house going to the gym, you always forget some stuff for your gym bag, especially body essentials, like deodorant or shampoo, simply because you only have one set…and thats locked in in your bathroom…at home. Damn!

I suggest you invest in another set of nice products to keep in your gym bag, so you know its always there…and don’t be afraid that its too girly…Dude, Ive seen allot of weird stuff in the locker rooms, and those who use massive amounts of Axe deodorant and First Price hair gel…well, those are the ones that should be embarrassed. Theres nothing wrong with a guy that likes to take care of himself..Hell, thats why youre at the gym anyway, right?

I put together a nice starting kit, with high quality product for guys, and it’ll make you feel and smell better than youve ever done before. Promise

The dopp kit itself from Ernest Alexander isperfect for the gym bag and is made with water shedding wax canvas, brown leather bottom and trimmings, and touches of brass hardware. This one, "the Cooper", is a roomy dopp kit spacious enough to hold all of your gentlemanly essentials and masculine enough to flash in any locker room.


Philips Bodygroom BG2040 is 100% waterproof for use in shower and easy cleaning. If youre a morning person, you easily take the morning shave or trim at the gym.


Dry By Nature deodorant has no aluminum in it, and helps to protect both you and the environment for any body odor you might have, and does it without irritating sensitive skin. This soothing stick neutralizes odor with healthy, fresh scented essential oils of Chamomile and Calendula.


REN Seaweed and Sage Body Wash smells just natural and fresh with all the essential oils and toning seaweed extract.. Its a butch spa in a bottle.


Redken Mint Clean Invigorating shampoo is an awardwinning hair cleanser, but also treats the scalp. The mint gives a colling sensation, and feels great after a heavy workout.


The MD Formulation Facial Cleanser is one of my favourite cleanser, and although its easier just to use the body wash all over, when youre showering in public, its really a great product if you make the extra effort in the morning.


ISUN - Restore Age-Revitalizing Moisturizer is just luxury for the face, and is basically designed to rejuvenate your skin and make you look younger. And YES, you need some moist in your face after washing it, or you gonna look like a dried up prune before you know it. You can get that at Supernature.


Comme des Garcon's Wonderwood is one of those hard-to-find fragrances, and since its so hard to get, it feels more expensive right away. But this wonder smells incredible expensive as well.. Once you try this, youll never (hopefully) go back to ordinary retail fragrances.. This is for sure the bomb diggity.

Hungover? I dont think so

Sunday is the perfect day for a hangover post. This is a super easy trick, that works magic for your body the day after heavy consumption. Just take 4-5 grams of Chlorella before drinking, and some before you go to bed, and you wake up like nothing happened...unless theres suddenly a stranger by your side; Chlorella doesnt prevent that... I use this one from Supernature so I know its good quality.




"chlorella algae was shown to cure toxic poisoning of the Japanese who suffered from radiation poisoning from the Hiroshima bomb. So, if it can clear radiation poisoining, getting rid of a bit of alchol in your blood stream and preventing your hangover should be a slam dunk""

catharine arnston

Next gadget for the camp nerd

Cant wait to get my camping gear ready for weekends of fishing and just simple living out in the wild...well, not that simple I guess, cause Ive been nerding about camping accessories lately, and the BioLite stove is next in line. This little fella is for sure going with me on my next trip. Not only does it burn almost everything, but in the same time it generates electricity, so you can charge your other gadgets with an USB port...like an iPhone. Thatll help calm down any urban "I'm-afraid-whats-gonna-happen-when-the-battery-is-dead-nerves". Its THE nerd camping accessory!

It works like this: Load the chamber with small sticks and light. Once the fire gets going, a thermoelectric generator kicks in, running off excess heat and spinning an electric fan. This fan separates the wood gas from the burning wood itself and mixes it with oxygen. This makes for a fire fierce enough to bring a one liter (2.1-pint) pan of water to the boil in just four minutes.

I enjoy nature as it is for sure, but hell I like looking good and have a certain kind of comfort doing it ;)


Got shoe?

Yo, so I was at TV2 today and talked about mens shoes...but I forgot to mention the coolest brand of them all, which is a "must have" if you want to play with the coolest kids on the block. Its called Common Projects' and is a Manhattan based footwear label specializing in stylish, minimal sneakers. They offer some of the cleanest, most luxurious pieces of minimalist footwear and also a number of different styles including classic men's footwear. Even Lanvin and Maison Martin Margiela uses the same sole as CP...and the quality is amongst the best there is.

It's really the perfect shoe to appeal to the casual elegance of the contemporary man...and the number detailing on the side...gotta love it!