april 2012


These last weeks has been cray cray.. Just did a shoot with my boy Omar for a NY magazine and hanging with him lately gave me my NY energy back...well, I guess it never left, but its hard to see when you dont have that environment around you all the time! I feel stronger than ever and my creativeness is on the wildside... Ive been painting pics, cutomizing a jacket for Lee Jeans, working out like a crazy mother, and Im pretty overwhelmed over all my new ideas thats kicking in. The only thing that sucks these days is, and it might sound like a clich, but not beeing in NY right now feels like I just broke up a relationship...I cant even talk about it without getting tears in my eyes... Damnit...It happens again. Well, the city wont go away, and Im going back there SOON! SOO excited...I understand what they say when they say "you can take the boy out of the city, but you can never take the city out of the boy".. Sometimes I dont know what Im doing in Norway, but I ve got good things going on here, and Im so grateful! I truly am. And going back and forth NY-Oslo is giving me the best of both worlds. Cant wait for all the things thats going to happen. Love to all my peeps


Yaaaay!!! Finally had the time to hang with the best chicas in Oslo! Love you Fam & Sam



Me and Omar with the sweetest makupartist; Annika