mars 2013

Botox-boys has female role models

I like to take care of myself, and I like to look as good as I can..We all do I guess..it's just a great feeling the days when you feel you are on top of your game, but I don't depend on my looks to keep sane and frankly I dont really care much about how other people dress or that they might have "too many" wrinkles, whatever that means...I never did, and maybe thats why I can be good in my job as a stylist, cause I create from spirit, not from a set standard, and I truly care about the people around me and whomever I work with..and of course that goes waaay beyond looks!

I enjoy having a healthy lifestyle, eating well, working out, hanging with friends and appreciating that occasional glass (or bottle) of wine, when its least expected. It doesnt mean that I don't eat shitty food sometimes, that Im not lazy and that I don't skip gym when I feel down. Its all part of a balanced life and keeps body and mind fit....and healthy. There are also days when I feel age is starting to bother me, but its then that I'm happy my values are stronger than whatevers expected, and I just accept and appreciate my face and all the "lines" of the life and roads I've walked..and dude, there has been some phenomenal roads!!!! So what IS really expected??! Do we really depend so much on our appearance that weve forgotten to appreciate where the real beauty is????!!!! I see soooo many boys now, walking around with that same robot looking face...lips and cheeks all plumped up, and the rest totally paralyzed. WTF just happened??!!! Is that really what we expect now? Total disconnection from those beautiful lines proving youve actually lived a life...and from guys? Well, its not what I call very sexy!

Its not weird people are talking about the end of the world, cause these faces look like a living nuclear reactor, ready to explode anytime...and of course we should be scared of that to happen! DANGER DANGER!!! They all get the same scary emptiness, and is not what I feel is a part of a healthy lifestyle. You shouldnt depend soo much on your looks, that you ruin whats really natural and really beautiful....and what "all" women can agree on is a hot feature on guys, that raw and masculine face.

But I feel we are loosing that masculinity, because we are living in a time where femininity influence us more and more. Nothing wrong with feminine values, its just that all the focus on how we look has gone too far, and I think the reason for any man to take botox, is that he is actually comparing himself with a woman. Guys like Bruce Wills, Brad Pitt, Harrison Ford all look great with their manfaces and even our prime minister Jens Stoltenberg is pretty hot the way he looks. Imagine him with no wrinkles and all plumped up. Man, he wouldn't be trustworthy...or sexy...at all!

It would be interesting to hear who the botox boys compare themselves with, cause its very hard imagining them say "I want skin like Gerard Butler", cause then there would be no reason to go plastic...dudes got wrinkles and charm written all over him! Its definitely not wrong with a natural face. Take a shower in the morning, live healthy and stay away from the needle. I don't think any man really needs it...unless he wants to feel like a woman ;)


Christian Slater used to be sexy...read: USED to be..until he got damaged by the botox culture


Mickey Rourke then and now...this is not ok!


Gerard Butler rocking the botox free area

New gadgets in my gym bag

Upgrading my gym bag...Yesterday I got myself this foam roller from Raw Fitness;Perfect for warming up and to give sore muscles a nice little treat.Also got this award winning bento box from Monbento, so I always have more nutrition available without taking up the whole bag...Super clever design and makes it easy to have more food available after working out... I don't always have time to go home and cook after going to the gym, and eating out is way to expensive in this country, so need to bring food with me. Its microwave and dishwasher safe, BPA free...and looks really cool!





Buy my style

Imiintoyou.no is a new web magazine with the one and only Camilla Pihl as editor.. For their first edition, they interviewed me and three other celebs about our style, and you can even get our looks through the webpage. Ive picked out my favourite pieces from their store, and put them together so you easily can get a cool, down to earth, but still fashionable look.. .;)

Check it out HERE!


From the opening of the website, together with the editor herself, Camilla Pihl and comedian Henrik Thodesen

Put it in a backpack

This is next on my list. I need a backpack for different occasions, wether its out skiing, park life or going to the gym. This one from Missionworkshop in waxed canvas looks rad and has a lifetime guarantee too, so it should stand all kinds of weather conditions.. Like the rough and sportive feel of it. You can get it HERE!



My fav thing to last a decade

Theres so many mens stores popping up online now, and its very good to see in this chaos of all kinds of flashy shopping sites. They mostly have a very down to earth vibe, are very easy to navigate, are focusing more on quality and has a very well put together selection that doesn't make it very hard to choose between tons and tons of products.. One of them is Flint and Tinder wich has now come up with a hoodie that they promise will last a decade... You can say what you want about the hoodie, but its definitely one of my favourite pieces, and it would be great to have something more durable than allot of the shady hooded fallaparts that you can get anywhere.

The way theyre thinking makes the hoodie not just durable and well-crafted, but it makes the process more eco friendly too. They even offer free mending for 10 years if anything should happen to rip or come apart at the seams. Eco friendly is just the way to go, and although I cant guarantee for the eco friendly part of their whole production, is pretty logical that the longer clothing will last, the less waste its gonna be. You can back them in their most recent kickstarter campaign to get it all going,HERE!





PUMA....green love

Was so lucky to get to test these running shoes from Puma... I can talk forever about technical details of this mobium elite shoe, but I wont.. In addition to that the shoe adapts to your foots expansion and contraction to encourage mid-foot striking and efficiency, its just a fucking good shoe! FINAL! Hello comfort....and Im so glad I got some new strong colored element with my black and grey workout gear ;)



OK, so I was with a friend of mine in one of the Canary Islands, just to get to a hot location and time out on a beach. Who would have thought there was any shopping there in those, Im sorry to say it, CRAPPY shopping malls down there... But they have a certain charm too, and what Ive learned throughout the years is that its in those places you can find some interesting pieces....but it surprises me everytime. And what happened?! Well, I suddenly found a really cool deep green leather jacket from Antony Morato and a couple of Italian shoes from Primabase....on SAAAAAAAAALE! It really was the sale of the sales, so the beach boy that wasnt supposed to buy anything, didnt really feel he spend anything either. Happy camper!!! This season he puts his black pieces on the shelf and goes for greens, browns and beige ;)

Sound much?!

WOW! This portable speaker from the Philips Fidelio series, is the best one Ive ever tried. I brought this with me on my holiday, and in the gym where I was working out, there was no music... Usually I work out with music on my ear anyway, but I wanted to try this one...And DAMN!!!! The music from this little thing was PHENFUCKINOMENAL!!! It's really HIFI quality and with a sub that actually filled the whole room.

Because of the bluetooth system, I played music from my Iphone, and the dark wood detail and leather case makes it masculine and super good looking. Perfect for any guy traveling!