februar 2013


My trainer is really like no other. After years of training and modelling on an international level, he manages to combine personal training, fashion and creativity in a unique way. His experience has given him first hand knowledge on what it takes for people in the biz to get the a functional, strong and beautiful body.

Some people just have an exquisite taste level and he is one of them that has it naturally. He just directed a fashion film, starring his model wife Yvonne, which is also the title of the video. Take a look peeps...its simply beautiful.



The perfect beach man bag

Right now Im on a beach somewhere, getting a break from the cold. I packed the perfect bag for the occasion and I feel this fits any guy who appreciates quality and wants to look and feel sporty and fresh while enjoying a good day at the beach.



1. Tommy Hilfiger cap

2. Arnie Says bathing shorts makes you look "well dressed" at the beach

3. Ecco is known for their quality ergonomic shoes and has a line of training shoes that really looks fresh! Its always nice with a break from the beach chair, and you can use that break for some running

4. Rubber band for training...a multi gym wherever you are

5. GQ magazine updates you in whatever you need when it comes to mens lifestyle

6. Contigo water bottle not only looks good, but is BPA free too. German researchers just found out that Bisphenol A has an estrogen-like effect on the male body, which negates the effects of your muscle-building hormone testosterone...and you dont want that to happen

7. The bag itself from Ecco, which has really nice leather. Yup, you can use a leather bag to the beach too

8. Tom Ford sunglasses from Krogh Optikk

9. Commes des Garcon pocket size parfume...number 2...in case theres a situation..and you need to smell good..for her

10. Matis sun protector and after sun simply looks better comparing to other sun blockers, and has high quality ingredients that gives your skin a nice treat too

11. H&M Home beach towel

12. My favorite beach bag gadget is the new Fidelio speakers from Philips.. It s super rad with the brown leather case that surrounds the speaker, and gives crystal clear sound like I never heard from a speaker that size. You really should try this one out

13. Ear plugs from the same series from Philips. Amaaaaaaaaazing sound when you don't want to bother the rest of the beach with your fav music



The beard

We men are so lucky we can keep on getting older and actually getting more and more refined by the years, without worrying too much about wrinkles and shit. Eat well and get lots of greens in your meals, work out to become strong and well built and get a good look..it does wonders as you age with grace and getting that face filled with all your years of living. It looks good on you! Say no to botox or any unnatural substitutes! You really don't need it, and looks pretty darn stupid anyway...who are you fooling?!! Keep it pure, honest and relaxed, with a refined edge. The beard is the hottest accessory with a well lived face and works with every age.


Gifts for men

So, dudes got it all..we all "got it all", but when it comes to guys, it seems hard to find anything "personal" that still has a masculine touch and feels right. I found a website for men that has some cool, fun and nice gadgets for the guy that doesnt really need any extra space killer.. They carry all from custom leather luggage and bag tags to surf boards, beard oil and an indoor remote control airplane.




You can check their website www.owenandfred.com out HERE

Dries Van Noten menswear spring 2013

I really liked some of the pieces for this spring from Dries Van Noten. Its sporty and fresh, and show you can combine sporty and office without worrying to much about boring dress codes. Lots of camo, nice suits, loose and tight fits, technical wear together with fine detailing and great sandals. Great to be able to finally feel a little more relaxed at the office.


Alexander Skarsgrd for Calvin Kleins spring 2013 campaign. A film by Fabien Baron. Enjoy!




P Ettermiddagen i dag, snakker jeg om hvordan du legger eyeliner, og her viser jeg litt mer inngende hvordan du utfrer looken :)


Back to basic

Lately I got allot of feedback on my "new" style, and I think that's super funny, cause in my own head there is nothing new, but I understand what people say. I have been portraying this black, eccentric guy who has been with me for quite a while, but I guess theres a link between lifestyle and style itself. New York was a huge part of my life, and that was for sure visualized through my looks.

Back in Norway now, living in a different manner, I got back to my base. We all have our base that we, no matter what, will get back to in some sort, and these days I feel more in harmony and in touch with a part of me that feels real and very comfortable. I like basic and comfortable gear that can be combined into a relaxed and sporty look. I found a picture of me 10 years back in time, and I for sure see the same base of who I am today....except some hair loss, facial hair and wrinkles LOL

Me with friends from 2002


Me with fashion editor Sonia Vold in 2013. Same base, the adult version :D


I never left, but I must say it feels good to be back. Have a great day peeps, and to all the mothers; HAPPY MOTHERS DAY! LOVE