januar 2013

Fashion science

Life is so much more than having the perfect outfit for every occasion and judging others for what they wear. Fashion is not rocket science, so slow it down please... Too much info already!!

Need a beach soon, where I can just swim, hang with friends and dont give looks a thought :)



New glasses

I love my new glasses from rgeen. They are hand made, feels super comfy and light (doesn't leave a mark on my nose) and looks pretty cool. You can read more about them HERE! The guys down at Synsam checked my eyes and all, and gave me great service!

But then I needed new clothes to go with my new look, so got myself a jacket from SAND and a denim shirt from Topman.. Love the little detail on the Sand jacket, where you can use the lining as a pocket square... Easy, breezy, beautiful.... I wonder where this is going... GQ next ;)




My energy booster.. but come on fashion junkies...champagne again!?

Lately people have been asking me where I get all my energy from... and it seems to be the same people that thinks this super food thing is getting way too much focus. Theyre telling me they want to enjoy life and everything that's being offered to them, as if its only junk and crap that's really good in life. If being tired and letting themselves go is the only thing that life has to offer, then they are on a weird path in life where perspectives means nothing. I say "hell yeah, take what life has to offer you! That is excactly what I do too, except I just filter whats good or bad for me and my body, and that does NOT mean that I'm not enjoying life, on the contrary, I feel I get the most of it... ;)" Just to choose what you want for yourself and getting some knowledge on how things works, then its more easy to balance it all and actually make those choices.


Filling the fridge for the week


What I want for myself is to have energy to achieve what I want in life, be on top of my game and get a strong and healthy body and mind that works the way I want it too. The only thing that bugs me, is that on almost every fashion event, there are no healthy choices, except maybe a bottle of water....if youre lucky. Its alcohol EVERYWHERE, and WTF..if cool events was to be real cool, and getting the branding of being a part of the time we live in right now, especially in fashion, then people should me more up to date than serving champagne. Its ironic, that having even coconut water, or any other healthy alternatives at a party, gives more the vibe of being luxurious and vibrant than an expensive bottle of champagne, but people doesn't seem to get the point, maybe because its too much work....and of course the sponsor deals, I get it....but it might be an idea to make the effort to get another sponsor deal that serves something useful! I was at the Costume Awards the other day, and I could drink so much alcohol I wanted, but when I asked for something else, girl got confused. She rolled her eyes, didnt know where to go, found a bottle in the corner somewhere, offered me that bottle of Olden, with some shitty, apple flavour. Water with sugar??? I couldnt even get pure water???!!! COME ON! Nice behaviour and made me feel so special...But the setting was lovely, met allot of cool people, got to speak with friends I haven't seen in a very long time and got a nice goodie bag at the end, so thank you!

I just came back from Fashion Week in Berlin, and there was an open bar for the guest with champagne and all, but they also had, sparkling water, water with and without flavor and I DIED when I saw they had coconut water. I LIVE for that shit. Its nothing but amazing. i think I drank 2 liters LOL


H&M served really nice drinks on their sportswear event! Thank you!!!!! Love it! :)


I don't want to get all new age on you guys, but eating well, working out and filling my life with good people and good energy works magic! And I realized it now, that WOW, this shit really, really works, cause I haven't taken my morning shakes the past 3-4 days because of traveling and because my jar of wheat grass was empty. What happened? Well, energy levels was not the same.. But now I'm back on the horse, riding like a mother fucker LOL

The shakes that I do, well they're not really shakes since I dont shake them. I use my blender, and just put everything in there (works like a juicer to me), they are different every day. I just use what I have available in my fridge, but the base is the same:


1 dl fresh apple juice (not more, since Im in ketosis and don't want too much carbs)


1 tablespoon of coconut fat

1 tablespoon of olive oil

1 tablespoon of Purely Protein

1 tablespoon of Lecithin

2 teaspoons of Activated Barley

2 teaspoons of Rice Bran Solubles

1 teaspoon of Kamut/ wheatgrass

1 teaspoon of AFA-alger (I change that up with Chlorella during the day)

Fresh ginger

Cayenne pepper



...and then I add some of the greens and berries I have in my fridge depending on what flavor and effect I want. I use spinach, blueberries, raspberries, kale, cucumber etc.


Making my morning energy booster


This really makes my day!


Live life, be thankful and embrace all goodness around you!



Helt naturlig!

Jonas Gahr Stre vil ha strre folkeopplysning om mat og helse ser jeg n p Lindmo p NRK1. Jeg ble nettopp ferdig med boka "Helt Naturlig" av Pl Jbekk, og er spent p om denne reelle kunnskapen Pl har samlet i boken, endelig vil kunne klare bli en del av denne folkeopplysningen, uten at vi fr presentert enda flere brdskiver med gulost p. Vi nordmenn er jo helt utrolige vanedyr, som har veldig vanskelig for endre det vi har blitt vant til opp gjennom tidene. Vi vil jo ikke vite at det "sunne og gode, norske kostholdet" kan bidra til en rekke sykdommer og plager, og at dette ganske lett kan unngs ved spise riktig, for VI VET BEST! Det har funket fr, s hvorfor skal det ikke funke n?!

Vel, les boken "Helt Naturlig", s finner du raskt ut hvorfor vi er sykere enn fr, tross lengre levealder grunnet legemiddelindustrien, og hvordan sammenhengen fett, proteiner og karbohydrater pvirker kroppen vr. Det er en veldig fin bok og presenterer teorier (som er ubekreftete antagelser) og hvordan de vitenskapelig faktisk ikke holder ml. Jbekk forklarer oss hvordan mat virkelig virker p fysiologien vr, og kan vise til selve vitenskapen bak det som er "cluet" med boka; at et lavkarbokosthold er det sunneste alternativet for oss alle!

Det handler ikke om diett, men om livsstil. De fleste av oss nsker en frisk, sterk og sunn kropp, og er du interressert i vite hvordan det du putter i deg, pvirker kroppen din, mer enn "kunnskapen" fra en liten artikkel i KK, anbefaler jeg boken p det varmeste!

Do you have the right mascara????

Many people just try on a mascara and think its either good or bad, not having in mind if that was the one designed for their own specific need. A mascara is not only a mascara..... it has different qualities because it wants to make the best of your eye and what you have, and what will make YOU look the best.

Here I want to give you 3 different options from L'Oral Paris, and before you go to the store to get one of them, try to find out what you need. It will make the whole experience a little less confusing in the huge range of mascaras.. Remember that we are here to give you the best option possible :)

Not everyone needs longer lashes..if youre so lucky to have that from the nature side, then it might be more sophisticated to try on L'Oral Paris Volume Million Lashes to separate them and make them fuller rather then for instance Lash Arhcitect 4D that will make them even fuller AND longer for those who are looking for a little more drama. Here, Ill show you: (I dont know why I wrote this in english, ha ha, because the rest of it is in Norwegian) :D






Good luck and just enjoy having fun with make up. Thats what it is supposed to be; FUN !!!


OK, here we go!

So...Ive started a project with a trainer, and that project is basically to get fit and to have a KILLER body :D (No, its no new years resolution)

Ive been wanting to do this for quite a while, and now I'm ready and dedicated to kick some ass. And I have the best ass kicker kickin' mine!! His name is Blake Schaefering, and is a personal trainer, a lifestyle coach and one of the best ass kickers around. He offers a specialized program for models and actors, having spent many years in the industry himself! I must say, hes quite a catch and I'm so excited to do this project with him..You can check him out HERE.

I've never actually experienced such a dedicated trainer with so much knowledge about the body, nutrition and the way he puts everything in perspective. His way of thinking is truly unique, and I cant wait to see his philosophy giving results.. I'm sitting here sore as fuck, trying to write while my arms are shaking...and I kind of enjoy it..I must do, cause I have a big smile on my face :D

Before pictures has now been taken...measurements done, and there's no turning back from me putting this out there now! But those before pictures are locked in a safe in a very dark room..and will not see daylight until I'm ready to check them out myself.. They were....hmmmm.... "something else" LOL


Here we go!!!



Eat it, live it, love it!

I gave an interview for the latest edition of Blikk about me and "superfood". Putting my name on the cover together with doctor and nutrionist Fedon Lindberg, giving nutrition advice, is heavy shit...but I live what I preach and preach what I live and can only advice you through my own experiences and referring to studies done. We did the interview in my favourite store, Supernature, and on the pic Im showing one of the products that I find really, really interesting, Afa-alger...One of the richest source of nutrition on the planet. Check it out, and especially if you want your skin to glooow.. There you go, free beauty advice :D You can read more about it HERE

Its a fun article and a new word came up; "Fashionbitch"...not me, but what I dont want to be...although it can be hysterically funny.. And look the way Im holding the jar...soooooo much experience in presenting from back in the days when I was a "suitcase boy" at the TV show "Deal or no Deal" LOL


If you want to read the article, Blikk is out in the stores now.


Deal or no deal


Ha ha, Im in there...first row, second from the right :D :D


The "deal og no deal look"


Ha ha ha...sometimes theres just too much energy and things just pop out of my mouth.. There, done! :D #nomorebotox




Yup! Were getting older, just deal with it... In this world its just getting harder and harder to accept the wrinkles and avoid the botox mania. I care about looks for sure, but I care about a healthy lifestyle too, and there are some pretty freaky faces out there that doesn't really look healthy. And man, the signals we project to our younger generation just because of our own vanity...Not cool!!!

Just saw this article about Brad Pitt refusing to hide his wrinkles, and Im thinking this is the way to go. Take a picture of your face, post in on Instagram, tag it #nomorebotox, and be a part of a healthier attitude. Our younger ones doesn't need more pressure!!

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#nomorebotox ;)

Vision of love

This year is not starting all over.. for me its about continuing..keeping evolving and re-inventing..

I do believe there has been a change in our consciousness, and the world got divided. Yes, it might be the good old story between the good and the bad, but its a good story. I just know what side I wanna be on...Looking bad, doing good LOL

Choosing a path also give more clear goals, and it'll be very exciting to see if I can achieve them in 2013.. If so, I will share them as the year passes. Very exciting times this! There are no limitations, just possibilities...as I always say!

Christmas has been good up in the far north! Actually eating very healthy as usual, doing my algae and wheat grass shakes on top of everything, and didnt crave for any sweets..Thought it was going to be a bit of a challenge, but it was pretty smooth. And my mother made it so easy for me as well. She even made RAW chocolate for me, melting it at 37 degrees..no sugar added...SOO GOOD!!! My mother is AMAZING!!!!

My beautiful mother rocking a Thakoon dress


This was a perfect time to start up a ketosis diet. Ive been reading allot about nutrition and the effects of a low car, high fat diet combined with working out. Ill try it for a while, and see hos it affects my body...and mind. Its really nothing new for me..Have been doing low carb for years, and hasnt been afraid for fats..but I want to dig deeper down in the material, so here we go...

Christmas at home ;)


My very good friend from New York also came to visit for New Years. I haven't seen that crazy bitch since I moved from NY. I'm so blessed with good friends, and OMG that guurl...she got me presents..?!?!??!! Not like a "I heart NY"-t-shirt, but fucking Balenciaga file case, the new Grace Coddington book, a Jonathan Adler pillow which he made for Kirna Zabaete and the super funny book "Gay men don't get fat" by Simon Doonan.. Shit gurl! I was shocked!!!!! And it made my day for sure.. Yeah, I love them prezzies ;)

WOW!! What a gift??!! HAPPY?! ...Eh... YESSSSS :D


We had the best time, and was the perfect way to start 2013! With my girl Sophie singing Mariah Careys "Vision of Love", drunk on the balcony, I got inspired to continue my own vision of love. God, I cant get that tune out of my head.. Thanx for that gurl...Its on repeat on Spotify ;)

Me and me gurl Sophie.. I guess she got shocked by the fact that I actually care about looks although I dont care for the botox culture ;)

Wish you all a happy new year filled with love, positivity, good friends, setting new goals and not giving up!